Before you embark on any doula training, it is recommended that you do some research to ensure that your training school is the right one for you and the doula you wish to become.

At this time, QAD does not recognize training schools since our criteria are based on the curriculum established by our Training Committee.

We have listed the schools that are recognized as having sufficient curriculum for the QAD standards in terms of content, values, training time and validity. The schools are separated by type of accompaniment and are sometimes found in more than one list.

To do your research properly, you can call the schools or email them. Be sure to visit their websites and if you can, talk to the graduates of these schools and ask questions about their experience and level of appreciation.

Please note that not all schools offer training in English. Contact them to confirm if the training is offered in the language of your choice.

Birth doula schools :

Postnatal doula schools :

Pregnancy termination support trainings:

Are you a doula school? Send us your curriculum to be included in his list!