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Doulas are present for the entire life cycle, including death. End-of-life doulas, some use the term thanadoulas, accompany dying people through the various stages of end-of-life. They offer emotional and logistical support to ensure that last wishes are respected. They open up discussions about death to help the person and their loved ones coming to terms with it.

Hospitals take care of the medical aspect, but sometimes emotional support for the person at the end of their life and their loved ones can be difficult to obtain, due to a lack of time and training. This is the role of a thanadoula. They complement the medical team, offering listening, support, compassion, and helping you see more clearly through medical treatments. They can also assist you in planning funeral rites and arrangements.

Talking about the process of dying can help reduce fears, both for the person and his or her loved ones. As with perinatal bereavement, end-of-life doulas also try to help restore control and power through this stage.