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Pregnancy is an adventure that can be wonderful, terrifying, magical and overwhelming. Birth doulas prepare partners for the changes during pregnancy, teach prenatal classes, explain the different phases of labor, and vulgarize medical interventions to make informed choices. They provide a presence at the birth, offer breathing techniques, position changes, and constant support as medical teams come and go.

Empirical studies have shown the benefits of hiring a birth doula1:

  • Shorter delivery with fewer complications;
  • Fewer negative feelings experienced;
  • Fewer interventions, including synthetic oxytocin (a drug that induces labor), or the use of forceps or vacuum cups;
  • Less use of epidurals;
  • Decreased use of cesarean section;
  • Decreased postpartum depression;
  • Improved breastfeeding success rate;
  • Increased empowerment at delivery and postpartum;
  • Improved parental self-confidence.

A birth doula provides ongoing emotional, physical and psychological support during pregnancy, labor and after delivery. They provide accurate, comprehensive, and non-judgmental information. In collaborating with the medical or midwifery team, your doula ensures that your choices are respected.

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